Your LED FORMAT  advertisement during Award function – special HIGHLIGHTS  & REPETITIONS 

Your LOGO & BRAND TITLE display at Stage area , Entrance Lobby  , during Press meet , star talk event , stars Press meet event , Party venue etc

Special highlighting dedicated space over home page of web portal for display of your advertisement 

Sharing dedicated web portal space for display of your advertisement 

( Our web portal is daily visited by thousands of users ) 

Your LOGO & BRAND TITLE over letterheads, leaflets, brouchers  , Display ads of our function & every communication materials etc

Your LOGO & BRAND TITLE over tea shirts & Caps of volunteers 

Your LOGO & BRAND TITLE over  every invitation cards & Tickets for function 

( Our event will be attending by more than 2500 delegates ) 

Your LOGO & BRAND TITLE over ID Card of every Delegates 

Your BANNER DISPLAY in auditorium – space as per need & contract 

Your BANNER DISPLAY in our Dinning area for Guest 

Special VIP & VVIP passes for event & Page 3 Dinner Party 

& of course ……… Chance to put your BRAND NAME with our award name? 

Choose your Priorities / options for Brand Promotion 

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Our Executive representative will contact you.

Call us : 9604102508

Email us : editor@ijbamr.com  / editor@ijhbr.com

SMS : 9604102508

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